Wen Pink’s Diary

Weight Loss Success

From XXL to S

Since young, Wen Pink’s love for food has always been strong. “My favorite food - chocolate, ice cream, fried noodles, junk food, and the list goes on. In my early 20s, I couldn’t believe my weight just went up to 68kg! I used to wonder, "Where did the excess weight came from?" At that time, I noticed that I had to buy new, bigger clothes each month because I couldn’t fit into the old ones.”


“My confidence level was very low as I was constantly picked on at work due to my lackluster appearance. I tried almost everything to lose the excess weight – from slimming tea to diet to exercise but couldn’t even lose 1kg. I almost gave up and pondered if my weight will pass the 70kg mark? Will I be a chubby, fat girl forever?”

One life-changing decision

“I came across London Weight Management on the web and Wow! Many women of different ages and problems could actually lose weight and look beautiful! In my heart, I really wanted to be like them too! I braved myself to try it out and I lost 1kg in the first session! My consultant customized the slimming program to help me achieve my dream goal. My body felt recharged after every slimming session. I am so satisfied with the results – from 68kg to 51kg and from XXL to S! My performance at the workplace gradually improved. I feel so confident and happy with my beautiful, slim curves!”

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