Salmawati’s Diary

Weight Loss Success

A Winning Battle against Obesity

Salmawati finally has the normal life she’s longed for 30 years. This is because she has been obese since the age of 8. She weighed in at 104kg and her first pair of jeans was at XXXL size from the gent’s department.


Unlike others, Salmawati went through a rough time growing up. She was told to move to the front seat or else car back tyres will puncture, stared at by others because she broke a chair, and even got made fun of by her friends. As her health deteriorated, she was devastated when she was told by a slimming centre that they couldn’t help her. That’s when she sought help at London Weight Management.

How she lost 49kg?

“My consultant is amazing and understanding; she customized a toxin management programme, followed by a metabolism boosting session and a deep fat burning treatment. I’m so happy every time I stepped on the scale because I lost an average of 1-2kg after every session! I’m so blessed that I’m able to lose 49kg – half of my old size! Now I can live the life that I always dreamt of since young. Thank you London for this beautiful opportunity!”

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