Lila’s Diary

Weight Loss Success

From Chubby to Slim & Curvy

Being overweight at a young age, Lila knew she was different from her peers. “I loved to eat and most late nights, I’d ransack the fridge for any leftover food. I didn’t mind the nickname Chubby when I was small, but when I was in my 20s, it wasn’t the same anymore. It was so hurtful to be called chubby, fat, or big.”


“Many called me and my partner the Madagascar Couple - I looked like the hippo and my husband, the giraffe. When we walked together, others often stared at me. I tried everything to lose the weight; I even starved myself for 3 months but couldn’t even lose 1kg! I also went through depression and during that period I didn’t think I deserved to live. Life was challenging and tough for me.”

A Healthy, Slim & Confident Lady Unmasked

“When I first met my consultant, she explained the reasons for my weight problems and assured me that London can help me. I was nervous but excited to see what’s my ideal body shape & weight! In the first session, I felt so good when I stepped onto the scale. I lost 1.5kg! After every session, I lost an average of 1-2kg. In the beginning, after losing 10kg, my weight was stagnant at 82kg. My consultant assured me that this is a normal process and with her encouragement, from 92kg, now my body is at 60kg! After losing the excess 32kg, my health, movement and body gets better and better! I’m so happy to be a beautiful, slim bride on my big day!”

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