Since 2000, London Weight Management has been offering safe, easy, and effective weight loss programmes for women to achieve an ideal, healthy weight.

We claim ownership on our customers’ satisfaction hence providing service with ultimate professionalism and dedication until each and every customer achieves the results she wants. Our weight-loss consultants will provide a detailed analysis with a customised treatment programme based on their weight problems. Our unique weight-loss formulations contain 100% natural botanical extracts which are carefully applied using the latest fat-burning technologies.

Since our establishment, we have helped many Malaysian women who were battling with their weight issues turn over a new leaf, and changed their lives by instilling confidence through their weight loss experience. This achievement could be seen from the more than 3 million successful testimonials from satisfied customers all around Malaysia.


London Weight Management hopes to serve more customers and provide them not only the result they want to achieve but to maintain the figure they have gained from our programme. We strive to create a larger community of healthy women with slim figures. We hope our on-going record of successful testimonials could serve as an inspiration to women battling weight problems everywhere.

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Rewards Milestone

  • 2018 Awarded Superbrands Malaysia's Choice  2018 Awarded Superbrands Malaysia's Choice
  • 2015 – 2018 Trusted Brand Platinum Award  2015 – 2018 Trusted Brand Platinum Award
  • No.1 Most Recommended Brand  2017 The No.1 Consumer Choice in Malaysia
  • No.1 Most Recommended Brand  2017 Excellent Service Brand in Malaysia
  • No.1 Most Recommended Brand  2017 Most Recognised Slimming Brand
  • No.1 Most Recommended Brand  2017 No.1 Slimming Brand in Malaysia
  • No.1 Most Recommended Brand  2012 – 2017 No.1 Most Recommended Brand by Consumers
  • No.1 Most Effective Brand  2012–2017 No.1 Most Effective Brand in Malaysia
  • No.1 Most Trusted Brand  2012–2017 No.1 Most Trusted Brand by Consumers
  • No.1 Most Established Brand  2012–2017 No.1 Most Established Brand
  • No.1 Leading Brand  2012–2017 No.1 Leading Brand in Slimming
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